Composing NSCLC virtual-organoids


The above data are published on GEO as GSE243665 series

Data Descriptions:

The Shiny App allows the creation of virtual organoids (VO) incorporating user-defined genetic heterogeneity. VO offer a valuable platform for validating computational methods dedicated to characterizing tumor heterogeneity through single-cell analysis.

PC9, 4492 sequenced cells (EGFR Del19, activating mutation)

A549, 6898 sequenced cells (KRAS p.G12S, growth and proliferation)

NCI-H596 (HTB178), 2965 sequenced cells (MET Del14 , enhanced protection from apoptosis and cellular migration)

NCI-H1395 (CRL5868), 2673 sequenced cells (BRAF p.G469A, gain of function, resistant to all tested MEK +/− BRAF inhibitors)

DV90, 2998 sequenced cells (ERBB2 p.V842I, increases kinase activity)

HCC78, 2748 sequenced cells (SLC34A2-ROS1 Fusion, ROS1 inhibitors have antiproliferative effect)

CCL.185.IG, 6354 sequenced cells (EML4-ALK Fusion-A549 Isogenic Cell)